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About SIVP

Scilab needs a powerful image processing toolbox. SIVP intends to do image processing and video processing tasks. SIVP is meant to be a useful, efficient, and free image and video processing toolbox for Scilab.

There is another excellent Scilab image processing toolbox named SIP, which does the same task as SIVP. SIVP is inspirited by SIP, and developed on OpenCV nor ImageMagick as SIP. OpenCV is great at image processing, and SIVP can benefit from OpenCV.

SIVP is supported in part by:


  • Scilab >= 3.1
  • OpenCV >= 1.0.0
    (if you want video support, OpenCV should be compiled with ffmpeg)


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SIVP 0.5.0 running in Scilab 4.x/5.x under Linux/Windows.
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Project admin

  • Shiqi Yu (Email: shiqi.yu {at} gmail {dot} com)

Current developer:

  • Jia Wu (Email: jiawu83 {at} gmail {dot} com)

Retired Developers:

  • Shulin Shang (Email: shangsl {at} gmail {dot} com)
  • Vincent Etienne

Screen shots

Version 0.5.0

Version 0.4.x