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Last update : July, 2006

imadd - Add two images or add a constant to an image

Calling Sequence

imout = imadd(im1, im2)



If im1 and im2 are images with the same size and same class, imadd adds each element in im1 to the corresponding one in im2. If im2 is a double scalar, the element in imout is the sum of the corresponding one in im1 with the double scalar. imout has the same size and class with im1.

If im1 is an integer matrix, the elements in the output matrix imout that exceed the range of the integer type will be truncated.

Supported classes: INT8, UINT8, INT16, UINT16, INT32, DOUBLE.


    im1 = imread('lena.png');
    im2 = imread('peppers.png');
    ims1 = imadd(im1, im2);
    ims2 = imadd(im1, 50);


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